Worldview Camp @ T4C West

Remember that awesome conference we were at earlier this summer – ACTS? Remember those awesome seminars we furiously took notes during? After returning to Minneapolis from Berkeley, we had the chance to share what we had learned, starting with Worldview Camp 2014 at Raph and Clark’s old youth group, T4C West. We began working hard to prepare talks, games, and food for the middle school and high school students who would be there. As the day of the camp approached, work nights got longer and sleep decreased, but dry runs became more polished and games became more fun!

 The presenters prepare before the day starts

The presenters prepare before the day starts

 Setting up and welcoming the students!

Setting up and welcoming the students!

The day of Worldview Camp 2014, 30+ students showed up who were eager to learn more about their faith! The students ranged in age from 6th grade to having just graduated from high school.


We were amazed by how intently the students listened and took notes as we presented talks on "What is a Worldview?", "Reliability of the Bible," "Case for the Resurrection," "Generation Me," "Science and Faith," and "Worldviews in Media." We were especially glad to see students ask follow-up questions, and were really encouraged as they all seem genuinely interested!


And, as promised, between the talks we all enjoyed some delicious food – pizza, shaved ice, and watermelon – and played some crazy games – human bingo, blind swordsman, and wizards, giants, and elves!


When the Worldview camp came to a close at the end of the day, all of us in the Worldview team were happy to have spent the day reaching out to these youth students, helping them to deepen their faith while also strengthening ours as well. From all of us on the team, thank you for your prayers for Worldview Camp 2014! Our prayer is that God will continue to work in the hearts of all these students, so they can better discern a Christian worldview from other worldviews and so they will be more confident in their faith.

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