RECAP: Freshmen & Upperclassmen Getaway

Wow, what a weekend! The freshmen and the upperclassmen went away for a fun-filled time of games, food, sports, stories, and always... good fellowship. It was a great way for us to get away from the craziness of school, and just unwind. If the recap video above wasn't enough, here are some more pictures from the weekend!


Everyone piled into one house during our gathering times! Taking the phrase "getting close" to a whole new level.

It was games galore, as we busted out some classics like Jenga and Taboo, as well as had a little brothers vs. sisters friendly competition with the blanket game. Unfortunately for the guys, the girls completely dominated.


If it's with Acts 2 Fellowship, there will be food :)

...and sports! (Not sure what Daniel is up to in the bottom left picture. Potential caption contest maybe?)

Lots of memorable moments as the freshmen class SHOWED UP for the talent show!

Looking back, we all had a blast! If you weren't able to join us this time, it's okay! Hopefully you can join us for our future getaways and outings soon!

...and the obligatory cheering picture!

Jonathan FuComment